Virtual Reminiscence

What triggers the human brain to reminisce about our past experiences in life? Smells, I am told, are critical to our memories. But, this week, for the first time, I ran across an old machinima that I shot in 2008 and (believe it or not) I found myself virtually reminiscing. Physical space, such as our houses or the streets and shady parks we remember from our youth, cause us to recall personal memories.

Perhaps I am one of the first to discover a personal “pang” of reminiscence in a virtual world. The spaces we live in are moving from physical to virtual. Whether or not we have an avatar is of little consequence.

One thought on “Virtual Reminiscence

  1. Loved the vid, thanks. Our local library here in Palmerston North, New Zealand, has asked me to present 10 mins about virtual reality – as part of digitising the town. I’ll have the link handy in case I want to show it to the group.
    Bruce (Tomo) Thomson
    20 Lyndhurst St. Chelwood Village,
    Palmerston North
    06 357 7773 021 176 9711

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