Blended Librarianship

I notice much of my writing on this blog centers around technology and the impact changing technology is making on the library.  I stumbled upon a blog by a librarian in Singapore introducing me to the subject of a “blended librarian.”  I found information explaining blended librarians on a library wiki.   Librarians everywhere are learning at a rapid pace how to balance our own physical collection with the information available in electronic format.  We are an exploding community of learners.  I feel overwhelmed at how much I don’t know and excited by new concepts that I am learning each day.  I really want to figure out what is all about! As a librarian, organizing information is the foundation of our profession.  Electronic information has changed everything and words like tagging and technorati ( keep popping up faster than I can look up definitions.

Back-to-school Time

Here it comes- my favorite time of year.  The school supplies and the feeling that the first cool, crisp morning will be dawning.  I really do think this year will be different somehow, though.  Taking online classes has changed my perspective and I plan to introduce online collaboration to my colleagues and students.  I am unsure how receptive this audience will be and where this journey will take us.  I just know that my laptop and flashdrive are included in my back-to-school pack.

Technology and Writing

Tomorrow I will be presenting at a writing institute with the titile “Technology-Enhanced Writing Workshop.”  When I became a writing trainer, almost ten years ago, I never dreamed how much technology would impact the writing process.  It seems people are all at different levels in their use of technology, both for productivity and for creative expression and entertainment.  Integrating technology into writing may be exciting, but does not necessarily make writing better.  Good writing will always be about expressing what is personally meaningful and the significant through effective means. 



Blogs, wikis, and writing

Writing is changing.  There is no need for a pen and ink.  The dilemma of where to place the paper is gone.  Embrace the opportunity to express and take the risk.  A blog can be a personal diary.  A wiki can be a combination of newsletter, bulletin board, and community anthology.  Every advance in technology brings some type of sacrifice, some down-side.  The information age brings a flood of too much information.  The dam has broken and we are swirling in information, but I refuse to be afraid.  Information is nothing to fear.  Get your blog!  Get your wiki!  Just swim!


I am so frustrated with my stupid videocamera!  After a year of working with a digital video camera (between the full-time job as librarian, part-time job as choir director, pianist/organist, sunday school teacher, graduate school student, writing trainer, webmaster, school television show producer, student council sponsor, poet, composer, band leader, guitar player, gourmet cook, homemaker and so on….just to let you know why I haven’t had time to figure out the stupid videocamera) I still have not figured out how to use it!

I love my laptop but, I guess a laptop is just not powerful enough to handle huge image files for making movies.  So, I will have to explore moviemaking on a bigger computer. I am venting.

OK, now that’s over.  I suppose we all feel the frustration of ever-changing technology.  We have to keep learning, always learning.  That is what life is about…learning.

Technology and children

I read an article about how children are learning new technology with the latest gadgets.  Some people are concerned that the traditional storytime in libraries will be a thing of the past, but I disagree.  Technology has brought great tools but can never replace the social interaction of storytelling and literature discussion.  As digitization overtakes the file cabinet, in my opinion, the printed word and the oral word will become even more treasured.  Let’s get rid of the paper clutter and make room for those treasures.

Digital Storytelling

I have always had an interest in storytelling and I have collected some tales over the years.  I think sharing stories is a part of the purpose of the library.  In this age of information, I think digital storytelling will provide new opportunities and new audiences.  I have examples of  digital storytelling projects that I created (just for fun and as an example for students) at Maybe someone will stumble upon them and want to create a tale of their own!