Technology and Writing

Tomorrow I will be presenting at a writing institute with the titile “Technology-Enhanced Writing Workshop.”  When I became a writing trainer, almost ten years ago, I never dreamed how much technology would impact the writing process.  It seems people are all at different levels in their use of technology, both for productivity and for creative expression and entertainment.  Integrating technology into writing may be exciting, but does not necessarily make writing better.  Good writing will always be about expressing what is personally meaningful and the significant through effective means. 




I am so frustrated with my stupid videocamera!  After a year of working with a digital video camera (between the full-time job as librarian, part-time job as choir director, pianist/organist, sunday school teacher, graduate school student, writing trainer, webmaster, school television show producer, student council sponsor, poet, composer, band leader, guitar player, gourmet cook, homemaker and so on….just to let you know why I haven’t had time to figure out the stupid videocamera) I still have not figured out how to use it!

I love my laptop but, I guess a laptop is just not powerful enough to handle huge image files for making movies.  So, I will have to explore moviemaking on a bigger computer. I am venting.

OK, now that’s over.  I suppose we all feel the frustration of ever-changing technology.  We have to keep learning, always learning.  That is what life is about…learning.