I am looking forward to experimenting with podcasting in my school library.  Students might use podcasting for oral reports, book talks, or sharing personal stories or poems.  Podcasts will be launched through our reading and writing club. Electronic format is providing opportunities for students to create and share, collaborate and publish.  On the one hand, I am excited about learning these new tools.  On the other hand, we hear every day about online security and keeping our students names and faces off the Internet.  It is a confusing time, but then maybe all times have been confusing.

Back-to-school Time

Here it comes- my favorite time of year.  The school supplies and the feeling that the first cool, crisp morning will be dawning.  I really do think this year will be different somehow, though.  Taking online classes has changed my perspective and I plan to introduce online collaboration to my colleagues and students.  I am unsure how receptive this audience will be and where this journey will take us.  I just know that my laptop and flashdrive are included in my back-to-school pack.