Tech Tools

Wait a minute! What was I thinking when I made a special “tab” called tech tools! Anyone who thinks they can stay up-to-date with the latest tech tools hasn’t yet realized that it is impossible!

So…as I re-examine this tab in 2011, I think to myself…should I delete this or try to keep up?

As an archive of my personal learning path, I am leaving this page here. Perhaps the tools below have remained useful, have evolved into something else, or serve as example of a an individual’s growth (as a digital immigrant).
I began working on a presentation about technology tools for librarians and educations on Zoho, which is similar to PowerPoint only web-based.  I decided to transfer the show into PowerPoint in order to upload to Slideshare and create a slidecast.  Some topics include:

Slideshare and Slidecasting


Blogs (on library topics) and wikis


Digital storytelling




Creative Commons (copyright free)

Igoogle custom search

Google tools

Various additional Web 2.0 tools

Web 3.0 Virtual Worlds & 3D

Avatars (view my example using SitePal)


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