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Hi! I’m Valibrarian- a former school librarian with a PhD in library and information science. When I began my blog, I thought of it as an electronic personal journal. As my learning journey continues, I have begun to see the amazing potential for collaborative learning in this Information Age. Through sharing, each of us paves the way for another. Or perhaps (using the ocean metaphor instead), we share ropes and boats to help others navigate. Some of the brilliant individuals who have helped me are like lighthouses guiding the way.
I was embarrassed early on, thinking that someone might read my “online diary.” My mistakes would be open for anyone to see! Having met numerous helpful individuals and learned from other people’s blogs, I now see that we all share the same fears, the same intimidations about rapidly-changing technology. My hope, as I continue to learn, is that I can be a help to other learners.

I grew up in Seattle, moved to Dallas, Texas for many years, then returned home to Seattle.  Both cities have impacted my life and I feel like I have two homes.  They are opposites: one with misty blue water, pine trees and a giant ice-cream cone mountain…. one with a huge golden sun and warm earth.  (More on my opposites blog.)

seattle  Texas sky

3 thoughts on “More About Valibrarian

  1. Dear Varibrarian,

    I came across this page of yours while searching for M. Kaku’s quote “Since we are drowning in an ocean of information, the most precious commodity in modern society is wisdom”. I am also seeking fruitful collaboration in this virtual ocean for reasons you can find in the book “Sense Nonsense” that is the object of my webpage and I thought you might want to share. Here is a sample of what to expect: “To understand the human being is more important than ever because his powers exceed his wisdom more than ever.” – “All human knowledge has progressed astonishingly except the knowledge of humans, which has regressed even more astonishingly.” – “It is not forward but backward that a society advancing intellectually but not morally is moving.” – “Intelligence is not what is measured by intelligence tests but the wisdom shared by good people as measured by accomplished lives.” – “In science and technology good reasoning can spare many experiments, and in morals and politics honesty could spare most debates.” – “It’s possible to love yet not be wise, but it’s impossible to be wise yet not love”.

    You will understand I could not go very far or deep in to your site for lack of time. That’s the great antinomy of this time, there is so much information that we cannot afford to take the time to check whether it is good or not. We need to go by educated guesses. Take yours. Best wishes!


  2. I’m so excited that I found your blog! I miss our conversations about books and writing and brain theory and…I’ve recently decided to my MLS and then I found you—serendipity is a beautiful thing!

  3. Hi Dr. Hill –

    I’m wondering about being able to use the 8 questions/answers from your article “Digital Citizenship through game design in Minecraft”. We are creating a new “world” for our library programs for kids and I would love to be able to plug those questions and answers into the inventory for kids to learn Digital Citizenship. Might I receive your permission? Thanks,

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