Disposable Media and Intellectual Junk Food

Smart phones and mobile devices, equipped with high quality cameras and global networking, have made unlimited transfer of the documentation of our daily lives quotidian (a new word I picked up from Hello Avatar: the Rise of the Networked Generation by Beth Coleman). I wonder, dear reader, if you are beginning to feel (as I […]

We are All Librarians Now

We are all photographers. Download some apps and use Instagram. We are all moviemakers. Kindergarteners use iMovie. We are all journalists. Get a blog and a content curation tool. We are all librarians. Organize it, people! But it isn’t as easy as we thought…not even for me (a 20+yr career librarian). Today, as I curated […]

Summer of Connected Learning & I am Building a Little Digital Lifeboat

During the #clmooc this summer, I connected with educators to explore the potential for Google Plus, tweet-ups, Google Hangouts, and a variety of digital writing tools.  Although I am no stranger to the importance of embracing change and diving into new innovative technology, this group of moocers made me realize the impossibility of conquering digital […]

Virtual Worlds vs Virtual Reality: a Comparison of Immersive Experiences

After a decade in virtual worlds and a few years of exploring virtual reality (VR), I believe I understand the difference and predict that both have purpose and potential for learning. In my view, a virtual world is a persistent “land” space and virtual reality is a disposable “bubble” experience. Virtual Worlds are persistent spaces […]

Obituary for Revision

Revision passed away this morning, after a long battle with social media tools and instant gratification of verbiage. Survived by Writing Process siblings, Editing and Grammar, both now housed in assisted living facilities, Revision is remembered by readers and writers across the globe as having contributed to the accumulation of literature of all genres, the […]


Visting the World of Steampunk

                      The first time I encountered the term “steampunk” was in the virtual world of Second Life.  I rode a hot-air balloon and saw interesting and wacky contraptions!  Merging of the mechanical gagetry of the industrial revolution with the sleek high tech digital age provides some unique creative expression.  One of […]